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Xuan of contact

Address:5F Xingyue Building,Shiguan Industrial Park,Longhua New District,Shenzhen, China.
Post Code (518109)
Tel: +86-755-2904-3076
Fax: +86-755-2904-3077
32years of experience in production and sales of wind turbine industry
Xuan Yafeng machine company was founded in 1982, is located in TaiwanKaohsiung county. In mold making, injection molding, plastic injection, fandevelopment process, the company has rich experience in recent 30 years.


Military quality, five-year warranty
Company of each product before shipment, will undergo a full, detailed quality inspection process, ensure the quality of our products exceed customer expectations. Company's products to the military quality as its mission, the factory products five years of quality assurance services.
Implementation of ISO-9001 quality
management system
The company's products through the fan products safety certification in many countries including UL, CUL, CE, ROHS, CSA and other international certification report. Factory implementation of ISO9001 quality management system, to the pursuit of zero defect the implementation of strict quality control target.


Introduce advanced talents and equipments, and enhance to develop new products
Xuan and constantly introduce advanced personnel and equipment, to enhance R & D capability, new product development and design of many competitive. Companies supporting the mold manufacturing department, design department, plastic injection,die casting department, equipment, to the maximum extent to meet the timeliness of the new product research and development.
Product size range, fast delivery
Hyun Sub fan is characterized by: low-current, low-power, high-quality, short delivery, good price advantage. Products include AC centrifugal fan; Sirocco blower; metal axial fans and other products, full size, product worthy of trust. Welcome to the new and old customers visit the company's website for the latest product information


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The introduction of Xuan machine

Strength makes professional, trust from the quality - Xuan Yafeng machine!

The machine is the professional manufacturers Xuan Taiwan a high-end industrial blower, the quality of the products and production technology overtook Germany EBM in the industry, a leading position in the industry. Xuan Yafeng machine company was founded in 1982, is located in Taiwan Kaohsiung county.


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